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Title: Who would have thought?
Post by: imalilbirdie on January 12, 2018, 06:11:38 AM
Our day yesterday would have been an emergency trip to the Vets office, all because of a stupid squirrel.

Sasha, the brave soul that she is, chased a squirrel out back toward the corner of the yard fence.  This is a daily routine for her and Brandy.  Every time they are outdoors.  Thought nothing of it.  I went about cleaning the poo out of the yard, and look up and see Sasha with blood streaming down her face.  Freaked me out.  I went running over to her and low and behold she had cut the corner of her eye a real good one.  Dreading what I'd find when I got her in the house and cleaned up...she was a lucky LUCKY girl.  She cut the outside corner of her right eye and managed some how to not get the eye itself.  Thank God for that.  Cleaned her up real good, and realized, oh my goodness, this is really deep.  Called the Vet at 7:45am and was told to bring her in at 9am. 

Got me and Sasha cleaned up to go..and I headed out, didn't look at the clock to see what time it was...we arrived at the Vets office and it was 8:30am... Lol  ;D  They didn't mind, they took us right in.  When one of my animals is hurt, I am in a dead run.   :laugh: :laugh:

Doc looked at Sasha and said "Man she is very lucky, and yep that needs stitches."  You could have fit a Penny down inside of it.  So we got things arranged and questions answered for her to have surgery.  Doc said she would need to give her anesthesia due to where it was at.  I signed the papers for that.  Then we decided that with Sasha's age we should do the pre-op blood work, so I signed the papers for that.  Then doc was talking to me about Sasha's health and if there was any known reasons that might complicate her surgery.  I mentioned the knot on Sasha's right hind leg, that it had grown a lot in the last 4 months and Doc looked at it, and I said "Doc, in my gut I know that's cancer, I lost one of my other Shepards to this same thing and it was cancer."  She went and got a needle and poked it and drew blood from it.  She said "it's a bloody cyst." and man did it bleed when she took that needle out.  We had to put pressure on it for a short while but longer than one would think a needle poke would need pressure.

So we talked about removing that while she was in surgery and I said it's a horrible time of year to have surgery with all this wet and mud.  Doc said, well it would just be for a week that she'd need to go out on leash instead of being turned loose in the yard...well I thought I'm gonna have to do that any way because of her eye.  So I agreed to do that.

So now Sasha's eye is being repaired and she's having a bloody cyst removed.  They would be starting her surgery after 12, because she had eaten her breakfast and they needed an empty stomach.  Told me to go home and they'd call me.  Well I don't just "go home"...I ask, Doc, is there a way I can stay with her until she goes into surgery?  Doc says, well we don't really want clients to stay because they need to work on her, get her shaved and get her blood drawn.  So I agreed to go home and wait.  Gotta trust my Vet.

A few hours later Doc called me...around 11am.  She said Sasha's pre-op blood work didn't come back so good.  Her liver functions was higher than normal.  I asked why?  She said she thought it was due to old age, and that it wasn't high enough to prevent her from having surgery, but was high enough that she needed to let me know about it.  Then she said "that isn't what has me worried."  OMG...my heart fell to my stomach and I about puked when she said "worried".  She said "Sasha's kidney function test, it came back with high Keratin levels.  Not high enough to stop her surgery but one that we must monitor with a blood test once a month."  OMG, why?  She said she was hoping that it was because she had eaten breakfast and it was still digesting.  She asked me what I fed my dogs and I told her.  We spoke of a new Senior diet for Sasha to reduce the proteins in her kidneys.  She said she was getting Sasha ready to go to surgery, and that she would be running an IV on Sasha due to the elevation of the liver count and the kidney Keratins.  So I agreed and said "we have to do what we have to do, but if she's a high risk for this surgery then please don't do it."  She assured me she would be ok but the IV was a protection for her liver and Kidney.  She said she had a spay to do first, and then Sasha was second.  Said that the spay wouldn't take long at all, about 30 minutes and that Sasha's surgery would take long either, about 30 to 45 minutes.  Ok, I'm good with that.

At 3:15pm I was getting really nervous, which I was already nervous and pacing to the point that my house was cleaned and dog beds washed and dried, and supper was started, and Sasha's living room bed was brought in...nervous energy you can get a lot of things done!!!  But at 3:15 when I hadn't heard any thing, I was beyond nervous into that throw up stage and shaking and worried sick.  I was just about to pick up the phone and call when they called me.

The surgery went well.  She was doing good.  She stitched Sasha's eye both internal and external stitches.  She removed the bloody cyst that did indeed cause Sasha to loose a lot of blood, so Sasha was in ICU Recovery being monitored and watched closely.  Said she was just now coming out of the Anesthesia and her vitals were really good, but wanted to keep her until at least 5pm to make sure they didn't need to give her a unit of blood.  They had the IV's on her with fluids going into her, and it also had the piggy back of the antibiotic and pain med's.  She said she was in the unit that flowed oxygen through the kennel, so she was getting fresh oxygen as well.  They told me I could come at 5 and pick her up.  I was relieved but "unit of blood", "ICU", "IV's still on her."  Now folks, you all know those words are going to make you worry.

I got there at 4:30...I couldn't stand it any longer I had to know, I had to see my dog.  When I got there, they really wanted her to wait another 30 minutes at least.  So I got to go back and see Sasha through the window where the monitors are at, and they showed me her vitals and they showed me how she was getting fresh oxygen, and that she was doing really good but sleeping due to the anesthesia.  She looked good really...didn't look like she had just been through a surgery or had been hurt, she just looked relaxed with eye cream on her eyes.

We got to leave at 5:15, and arrived home by 5:30.  She has some recovery to do for sure, but she is doing really good.  Doc didn't like the looks of the cyst when she removed it.  Said she felt she got it all, but she was sending it to Texas A&M to analyze.  I will know next week Wednesday if Sasha has cancer or not.

We are praying that it's not, and that she will be with me for many more years.  PS...she likes being pampered.  8) ;) :)

Title: Re: Who would have thought?
Post by: Julie H on January 12, 2018, 01:23:09 PM
You had quite a full day!  I am glad she came through alright.  I hope her tests come back ok too  :)

Title: Re: Who would have thought?
Post by: dragonlair on January 12, 2018, 03:43:09 PM
What a day, poor Sasha. Here's to hoping that the cyst is benign.

Title: Re: Who would have thought?
Post by: nancy d on January 12, 2018, 05:15:12 PM
The squirrel bite was a blessing in disguise.  ;)

Title: Re: Who would have thought?
Post by: imalilbirdie on January 13, 2018, 06:50:24 AM
Thanks Everyone...she is ready to play, but Doc says no, not for 7 to 10 days.  Brandy thinks she can lick Sashas eye and make the boo boo go away, but I say "oh no, we don't do that."  Sasha thinks she's being disciplined at times.  I hate that, but I can't let her get hurt again or damage what's been done.

Nancy, it wasn't a squirrel bite...believe it or not, the squirrel didn't do it...Doc said she poked something in there.  I have walked that area with a fine tooth comb, found blood drippings before the rain hit, but I found nothing that she got hurt on.  I went ahead and cleaned the area of leaves, and stuff I thought would cause something to be hidden, but I still didn't find any thing.  No nails in the fences, no broken fence wire.  So I don't know what she did that on.

Title: Re: Who would have thought?
Post by: creekmom on January 13, 2018, 09:49:28 AM
Good grief, what a stressful day for you both.  Glad she is feeling better for you today.  It sure is hard keeping them somewhat quiet when they want to do otherwise.  Hopefully this week will go by fast for her and you so she can return to her normal routine.  Keep us posted on how she is doing. 

Title: Re: Who would have thought?
Post by: creekmom on January 22, 2018, 02:20:59 PM
How is Sasha doing with her "resting"?

Title: Re: Who would have thought?
Post by: imalilbirdie on January 23, 2018, 05:53:55 AM
She is much better Elizabeth, thanks for asking.

She is going outdoors by herself now without a leash...stitches have dissolved and the eye looks great.  Her cyst removal looks good, the cut was about 5 inches long..those stitches are internal, so they dissolve on their own.  I'm not letting her out with Brandy yet...Brandy is a basket case when there is a cat or a squirrel in the back yard, she gets Sasha all riled up.  So Brandy and Sammy go out together, and then I bring Brandy in and let Sasha out with Sammy.  If Sammy gets all testy about the dogs behind us, and fights them through the privacy fence, then Sammy has to go in the house and Sasha stays outside by herself.  Sasha is good about not getting riled up over "animal" stuff when she is alone, but add one of the LGD dogs and the war is on.

So to keep Sasha from running into something that might poke her eye or her leg, I keep her calm outdoors.  She played ball yesterday and day before a little.  She's so ready to get back to doing what she typically does in a days time.  She's not your typical senior dog...she's very active, very alert, always ready to go, hyper at times.

She goes in for more blood work in 2 weeks....see how her kidney's are doing.  Doc and I have not come to an agreement on what type of dog food she should be on.  Sasha is not lazy, she needs that high protein...she is in the normal range of her weight for her size and breed...her muscle mass is already decreasing, and I don't want that happening, but I don't want to ruin her kidneys either.  I'm just back and forth with what I should do, and what's right to do....so I'm praying for answers.  Research shows me something different, and Doc says something different, and the pro's and con's of this is about to drive me nuts!!! hahaha....  ;:P  Loonier than I already am!!!!  :cd:

Title: Re: Who would have thought?
Post by: creekmom on January 23, 2018, 09:45:51 AM
Glad she is doing so well with the recovery.

Boy I hear you on trying to figure out what is the best route to go as far as diet.  When you have so many different opinions it makes it real hard.  I always pray, Lord, if there is something I need to know, You are going to have to show me.  Bring it to my attention, lead me to it, because I can't figure this out for myself. 

You'll make the right choice. 

Title: Re: Who would have thought?
Post by: dragonlair on January 23, 2018, 11:11:11 AM
Listen to your gut. Older dogs need a higher protein to keep their muscle mass. There's got to be a happy medium somewhere!

So glad she is better!

Title: Re: Who would have thought?
Post by: imalilbirdie on January 24, 2018, 06:04:17 AM
I am trying hard to make the right decisions here.  Waiting for answers yet still searching to see what's best.  Found myself looking at every single dog food yesterday at the store when I was buying their dog food.  The only dog food in the market that I found that was lower in protein was the "Healthy Weight" dog food, and it was 18% protein, with 8% fat.  What they are on now, is lower in protein than the senior diets are.  I told that to the Doc.  She says I need one that is supportive of the kidney function.  Well I'm not exactly finding that.

I've still got them on what I normally feed.  I feed them Purina One Lamb and Rice (sometimes the chicken and rice---Sammy is picky and will only eat Lamb and Rice for a few weeks and then he wants the chicken and rice and will eat that for a few weeks---Craziest picky eater I've ever owned).  It's 28% Protein, 18% fat.  I found Senior diets (of dog foods that I would consider feeding that are made in the USA) that are 42% protein 12% fat, another 34% protein 14% fat.  Maybe I should check the other vets around here and see what they sell for Senior diets...my Vet has that nasty Science Diet and I absolutely refuse to feed that nasty stuff to any one of my dogs.  I suppose if it were a matter of life or death, and it was the only option I had, then I would, but I sure wouldn't want to.