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Title: CD & T
Post by: Julie H on September 04, 2019, 01:23:48 PM
I am thinking of starting this as part of my goat keeping. I was thinking now( 2 doses) before breeding and then again right before they kid and then yearly before kidding? To give the youngsters the benefit through colostrum.  Then do the kids at the right age.

I have just started the copper bolus and plan a 2x a year as standard practice.

What does the CD &T protect against beyond the obvious tetanus?

What benefits does it provide those of you who give it?

Title: Re: CD & T
Post by: imalilbirdie on September 05, 2019, 07:23:04 AM
Julie I never used the CD&T on my goats.  I did it the first year I owned them upon the advise received in Goatweb.  However, I soon learned that shot was not for me or my herd...especially after several of them got large knots that abscessed and needed more medical attention to heal those up.  

Here's what CD&T is...

Goat producers use two anti-toxin injectables: C&D Anti-Toxin and Tetanus Anti-Toxin. C&D Anti-Toxin should be used whenever overeating disease, ruminal acidosis, or any rumen-related toxicity is suspected to be the cause of the goat’s illness. As with the vaccines (toxoids), the anti-toxins are used SQ (subcutaneously, i.e. under the skin).

When I needed Tetanus, I gave the quick acting Tetanus and 2 weeks later gave a booster.  We didn't have issues with overeating or ruminal acidosis.  I'd rather doctor for what's needed at the time it's needed than to have the knots and possible abscesses that the shots can produce.  Our shots were all given by the Vet so I know they were administered correctly.  There should have been no issue with the knots, but out of 25 head given it, I had 15 that obtained the knots and 10 abscessed.  More Vet expense to cure that.

Title: Re: CD & T
Post by: Julie H on September 05, 2019, 01:11:04 PM
Is it basically related to over eating grain?

Title: Re: CD & T
Post by: imalilbirdie on September 06, 2019, 06:16:49 AM
over eating on any thing.  If it's grain or hay or forage. 

Title: Re: CD & T
Post by: Julie H on September 06, 2019, 01:10:41 PM

Title: Re: CD & T
Post by: dragonlair on September 06, 2019, 08:56:20 PM
Overeating is one of the clostridium diseases, C and D are the 2 it covers. It is a spore producing bacteria that lives in the digestive tract, kept in check by the good bacteria. When a goat (sheep, cow etc) over eats (usually on grains or poorly fermented feeds) it throws the balance off and allows those bad bacteria to grow and overpower the good ones, it kills the animal. This vaccine prevents it. You can also use the anti-toxin if the animal develops the disease.

The toxoid vaccine can cause lumps. If you inject it deep into the muscle and then massage, it usually will not leave a lump or abscess. I vaccinate for it , along with pneumonia. I give the series as weanlings, with a booster at 1 year of age, then not again for 2-3 years. I do keep the Clostritium C &D/Tetanus anti-toxins on hand in case I need it, but never have.