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Title: Naughty kids !
Post by: Julie H on August 06, 2020, 12:40:18 PM
I feel so bad for my newest momma doe Amy.  Her twins are 2 weeks old  now and into everything.  Her maternal instincts are in overdrive and she hovers over them constantly.  These are her 7th set of kids and I never remember her being like this.
When I let them out to pasture I have to lock my young horse in the dry lot.  He chases the goats  >:(        It is fenced with portable round pen panels and these 2 kids gravitate to that dry lot-- going in and out and since Amy is too big to squeeze through,  she is extremely concerned as they cavort around.  Salem ( the horse) follows behind them slowly,  but thankfully, he is gentle and not aggressive at all as they pop in and out,  or play on the overturned plastic tub I have in there.

Eventually Amy will venture out to eat when they lay down but no sooner does she get started than they are up and calling and she comes running.  they have her trained well.

those little stinkers!!

Title: Re: Naughty kids !
Post by: imalilbirdie on August 07, 2020, 06:35:17 AM
Makes you nervous watching her, watch those babies, and then her reaction.  Had a few like your Amy girl, and they seriously do make me worry about them.  I try to devise ways of keeping babies in closer and out of mischief.  Those are the best momma's though.  Bless her heart, hopefully she gets some quiet time here soon.

Title: Re: Naughty kids !
Post by: Julie H on August 07, 2020, 01:17:17 PM
We are almost finished fencing a brand new pasture right off the goat pen ( it was a small hayfield) which will eliminate a lot of hassle for all of us.  To put the goats in the horse pasture, I have to lock up the horse, lock up the cow and Boer buck, then at noon I call the goats back in and let everyone back out again.  Then the goats don't have fresh stuff to eat which is what they really want.

So I am hopeful we will get finished this weekend and when we do get finished the goats have several acres of virgin parasite free grazing ( for a while at least) and this pasture is full of excellent mixed grasses, red clover, and a lot of  uncleared brush and several trees they can get at.  I am so excited for them!!

I will post a picture when they get out in it!!

Title: Re: Naughty kids !
Post by: imalilbirdie on August 08, 2020, 07:13:14 AM
they will be in heaven.  they love those brand new areas.  can't wait to see them all out foraging and getting their fill on lush clover.  Clover is very good for them, very medicinal.

Title: Re: Naughty kids !
Post by: Julie H on August 08, 2020, 01:14:49 PM
They adore red clover.  The second cutting we do I save for when they kid.  It is like they have not eaten for weeks they way they devour it.

Morning rain has derailed our fencing but  it has stopped and we are getting started in a few minutes!!

Title: Re: Naughty kids !
Post by: imalilbirdie on August 09, 2020, 06:47:51 AM
Our goats, cows, and horses did the same with red clover.  We baled 50 acres of red clover x Bermuda...problem with red clover, if you bale too quick, it molds, if you bale too late it goes to powder.  It's worth the headache though.  Our Bermuda hay pastures went fast and easy.  We had a field we baled that we didn't own, but the owner said if we baled it we could keep the hay, so we did, but it was Bermuda, vetch, and clover.  I don't see how any thing lived in with that vetch...wow that stuff was not fun to bale or even cut.

Title: Re: Naughty kids !
Post by: Julie H on August 10, 2020, 12:38:10 PM
Yes it can be tricky to bale.  So far we have got it right about most of the time.  I think I had 2 big rounds of second cutting get put up too soon since rain was coming several years ago.  I fed it as fast as I could and then one day it started getting dusty and we threw them into the woods to rot.

we do small squares on the second cuttings now so much easier to do.

We got a LOT of fencing done. I more little straight section and they will be in !!  Probably won't be till Saturday, but the end is near :)  We about died yesterday getting it up,  it was so hot and humid.  Even the dogs were wore out.

Title: Re: Naughty kids !
Post by: imalilbirdie on August 12, 2020, 06:05:44 PM
Yes indeed its hot.  102 without the heat index.  Sweating just seconds of walking out the door.

Title: Re: Naughty kids !
Post by: dragonlair on August 14, 2020, 09:08:25 PM
We've been in the upper 90's with high humidity, for several days now. That is unheard of up here.

Still in a drought, they say hay will be in short supply. My hay guy said he has me covered, so hopefully he is right!