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The vet just left...I posted on here this spring about a goat that had a golf ball sized hard lump in her udder.  She is 1 and 1/2 years old and has never kidded.  Well the lump is now the size of a grapefruit and is very hard.  It isn't hot and she has never run a fever.  The vet did an ultra sound and said it is a mass, not fluid, like an abcess.  It could be caused from CAE, could be mastitis, even though she has never kidded he did express a little milk when he pulled a teat.  He also did an ultra sound to test for pregnancy and she is not pregnant.  Another words, he has no idea what it is either. :-[   He did suggest not breeding her and wait and see if it goes away or grows before we make any decisions on what to do with her.  He did also mention the udder might slough off.  He did say cancer is goats is rare, but it does happen.  He said to watch her to see if she continues to eat and act alright.  He put her on 10cc's of pennicillan once a day for 10 days to see if it is some sort of infection.  I don't know if any of you have ever had this happen, but it would be nice if you did to post your experience.  I am very upset about this, she is a wonderful goat with such a loving personality. 

I've never seen CAE cause somethng like this, usually the entire udder is rock hard when the doe is in late pregnancy or lactating. Maybe CL, but this seems like an awful long time for a CL abscess to hang around unbroken.

Could she have gotten a sliver or something in her udder that keeps growing?

Sally P:
Or could it be some type of hernia=like mass?  I would just leave it alone for now and see what happens.  I doubt the udder will sough off, the worst that might happen is the udder is dry on that side.
It could be a stubborn case of mastitis and don't be fooled:  does can get dry mastitis.  It is harder to get rid of than the "in milk" mastitis.  I know---we had a case once and it was a pain to get rid of. 

This mass is internal dragonlair and it consumes both sides of the udder in the back.  We have decided to keep her till spring and see what happens.  Sally, what did you do for your goat?  I am wondering if I should massage her udder to see if I can loosen anything up or should I leave it alone?  I don't want to hurt her or cause more damage than good. 

Just a side note here.....my vet gave me a Dewormer sheet for goats.  SafeGuard is 1.1ml/25lbs.  Ivomec is 6mls/25 lbs  Levamisole is 3mls/25 lbs and Cydectin Sheep drench is 4.5mls/25lbs.  Cydectin Injectable is 1ml/110lbs given sq.  Valbazen is 2mls/25lbs
I use Ivomec and have been waaaaaay under what this sheet says.  For a 100 lb goat it will take 24cc's of ivomec...a lot more than I use.   

Grannies Nannies:
I think that your vet is off on the amount of Ivomec.  I believe it is 1cc/50 lbs.  I have also seen 1cc/35 lbs.


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