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Topic: Dutchess' Medici Reign "Updated with pictures"  (Read 430 times)
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« Reply #15 on: June 25, 2020, 07:06:58 AM »

It went great.  He weighs 26.8 pounds at 9 weeks old.  Doc gave him a thorough health exam.  She needed to see his belly, to check his hips and stomach.  He was up on the exam table and the tech tried to roll him over, and he of course struggled a little and I said "wait, hang on...just ask him to roll, using a circle motion with your index finger." and the tech did, and he rolled onto his back, and bared that belly big as you please and looked at her as if to say "here it is, scratch me now!!" haha.  Doc laughed, tech laughed and I said "good boy Reign".  In all this, Reign was so good to show off all his learned commands.  Sit, wait, come, roll, all done with no hesitation.  We even demonstrated how we howl!! haha.  Doc was impressed with him.  She did say he was the biggest Shepherd pup she had ever seen.  I told her "Reign is the runt of the litter." and she was shocked, and said "well I'd like to the see the other pups if this one is the runt."  He did so good with them.  When they put him on the scales to weigh him, he got right on it, no hesitation and I asked him to sit and he did, and I told him to wait, and he didn't move a muscle, until I told him to come.  This pup is so smart.  Doc complimented the breeder, saying he was in great health.  He didn't flinch at all when they pulled blood.  Didn't even give a scared face with the fecal test.  She checked his throat, inside his mouth, his ears, his navel, his hips, his eyes, his teeth, all his joints/muscles, his paws/nails, and pads...every inch of him she had her hands on and that puppy never laid a tooth on her like normal puppies would.  When we got home.  He ran over to my computer chair, crawled under it and looked out at me, as if to say "Mom, I've been violated!!"  then fell sound asleep for 2 hours.  Grin Grin

~ Birdie ~
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