Severe worm infestation in goats..

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GG that's exactly what's happening..

Now, I know that it's not good what's happening, (not to me or my goats--someone else) GG answer me this..when you wormed with the first wormer, it was a wormer like our dectomax/ivomec/cydectin (stronger chemical wormer), and then came back with something like our safeguard/panacur a few days later?  Did this cause diarrhea, and the goats to go down?  Then even cause death? 

See this is what I'm trying to figure out..worming with a chemical and then coming back with a strong dose of panacur..causing diarrhea that is shedding lots of tape/pin/hook worms and then the goat dies shortly afterwards.

See, somewhere I read that if you kill them off too quickly, it will cause illness and even death, but I don't know where it was that I read that or saw that and that info would come in so handy now..I wish when I saw that, years ago, I would have printed that off.  Lord knows I printed everything else off but not that.  Go figure, now here 5 yrs later I need it and can't find it. :(

Galavanting Goats:
Hi Birdie, bare with me while I try to remember all the details.

 With Miracle I don't recall the wormer I used on her, I just remember she would have the tapeworm segments in her poop (at that time she was scourring for about 1 1/2 weeks and then in the last 3 days it became dog poop). This happened before I gave her the tablet She was severely aneamic. then I gave her a dog wormer tablet called Droncit suggested by a goat owner here in Aussie, I checked with the vet and he said yes but I was to give her two because the wormer was not removing the tapeworm like it should have. I was told by someone that with alot of the wormers here that they will kill the body of the tapeworm but not the head, the head will stay embedded into the intestine? and will reform(sorry I don't know much about the tapeworm habits) which explained why only the small segments were only being released apparently. After giving her the Droncit tablet, within 24 hours she past different stages of tapeworm in a large number (not sure if you remeber on GW the pics I posted of the poop/tapeworms, i'll try find them for people for future reference) after that no tapeworm was expelled, within 2 days she had berries and picked up in health immensly, even her iron levils picked up.

Daisy: was very similar in situation but this time I remember using a new wormer called Q-DRENCH, I love this wormer to pieces and have nothing but good things to say about it. It was a white colour and the goats hated it, would behave like they were dying/choking when recieving it. two days later (I think it was) I gave 1 Droncit tablet to her as a back up a and yep, within 24 hours, out came the tapeworm in all different stages. I could have not given her the tablet however bith Miracle and Daisy were extreme cases of neglect and worm infestation and time was against us to pull them both through. We have 3 main wormers here that are used in and around the surrounding suburbs (Cydectin, Panacure and another that I cannot remember the name of) and unfortunately overuse is a huge problem. The less useful wormers are o.k. to use but not very efficient on all worms.

The couple we purchased Miss Mary and Miss Daisy, had a devastating problem with brown stomach worms, no matter what they did the goats were dying left right and centre that was why we eneded up with the two girls. Both had wormy tummies -(no fault of the previous owners) we did notice Miss Daisy had tapeworm segment so I gave her some wormer I had on hand as we had been trying to get hold of the Q-Drench, we did likewise to mary also, after that we no longer noticed the tapeworm segments and both girls lost the worm bellies.

I only ever use the Droncit tablets in severe cases or if all else fails, we have never experianced any adverse effects by doing so and has only ever improved and benefitted the goats. I have never used it on a pregnant dow and would not choose to do so unless checking with the vet first.

Oh Birdie, I just read recently about scouring after worming, i'll go see if I can find where I saw it. I do remeber it saying to be careful because it could be too much on the goats system. If I can find it I will post the link for you.

Galavanting Goats:
Still looking Birdie, tis driving me nutso cause i'm sure I read something similar when Treakle was scourring. I also remember telling a lady just recently about it cause shortly after worming two of her goats, one died and I suspect the other is just passed.

I think I found something.

First link is a reply to a questin regarding sickness after worming:

Second link shows a pic called "Bleeding out" after worming too quickly in a worm infested goat, it's the fourth pick down on the left with the internal organs and the bleeding.

Not the artical I was thinking of but stumbled accross it. Hope it helps.

Ok that does help..thank you for those to figure out if this is what is actually happening.  Thanks tons GG. :)

Okay- I have to just correct myself here  :-[  I read the parasite section of my book THREE times and did not find reference to this nor to what I said about the lung worms that I thought I read in there!!!!!  I really thought I was losing my mind, so I surfed the web a bunch and I think I found it!!!!  On IDGR's web site there is an article called  " OBSERVATIONS ON GOAT PARASITES AND THEIR CONTROL"  - it is in about the 12th paragraph down and the first sentence starts with "If you have a goat with a chronic cough, and no other symptoms"
It goes on to say the goat will bleed to death from detachment of large numbers of worms.  Here is the link:

Man- I guess I must have been doing so much research about these dang worms my sources got mixed up in my head   :-[  Sorry about that.


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