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I have the ivermectin horse dewormer paste and was wondering if anyone knows the dosage for a goat. The plunger on it just has 250 increments and my goats are ND's so they don't weigh that much and I don't want to OD them. So I was wondering if anyone knows how many cc's I should give per whatever pounds.  I know decomax and ivomec are best but those are expensive.

I use Ivermectin horse paste wormer all the time..alternating with Ivermectin horse paste one time and then dectomax the next worming time.  I've had very good luck with this regimen.  I worm every 3 months, just like I do my horses and my cattle.  Everybody is done at the first day of each season. 

Ivermectin Horse paste wormer I give as it's dialed on the tube..many say to triple that dosage..THAT'S NOT NEEDED..that's totally not true.  However, if you do over dose them, it won't hurt them, but you sure wouldn't want to give that again at that dosage in 10 to 14 days..it will eventually cause damages to the liver and that's something you can't reverse once that happens.

Now for your ND, I use a weight tape, and add 10 pounds..this was told to me to do by my goat vet.  This has worked well so far.  Your ND probably weighs in around 75 to 80 pounds on the heavy side?  What I would do is take the tube and squirt it out onto a butter dish lid, and divide it in half and give it for 125 pounds of body weight.  That's a little more than they need, but if it's your first time using it at that strength it will be ok and assure you that you haven't under wormed them..as under worming is worse than over worming on your first time with Ivermectin paste..just don't continue to over worm, especially in close worming regimens..such as worm today and wait 10 to 14 days and do it again.  Our Boers are heavy girls/boys..so I just use the first dial at 250 pounds with most of them..but remember I use it every 6 months on the Ivermectin paste, and switch up in between with dectomax..and dectomax is given 1 cc per 50 pounds.

Good luck with this..If your area isn't immune to the Ivomec/Ivermectrin/permetherin (sp) wormers, then you should be good to go for a few months with that wormer.  It will also kill the lice and mites on your goats too.  :)

I have used ivermectin horse paste (1.87%) on my goats for the past year.  I also have nigerians and was realy affraid of overdoseing them to.  What I did, sinse they are so small is hold them in my arms and step on a bathroon scale and then re-weigh myself and subtract to get my goats weight.  My one doe is only 35 lbs.  and I am sure they can reach up to 80 lbs. or more so I would weigh them to get more accurate.  I think I went 3 notches on the plunger for ivermectin horse paste, so I was tripling the doseage to get them good, but I didn't follow up 10-14 days later.  I guess this is a good time to mention that my doe who was just treated with the same stuff was not de-wormed properly during this latest de-worming.  So I would deffinitely invest in a fecal at least once a year to be sure things are working on your goats, as some goats get immune to their wormers. ( I just learned that the hard way) On the old GW, I talked to a few people who swears they have had goats eat the entire tube of that stuff without the doe even getting sick on it.  That is a little extreme if you realize that birdie just said there can be liver problems if they are repeatedly overdosed.  So I would weigh them and you'll not be as worried afterward.  It is hard for some of us to medicate our animals when your worried about the effects it will have.

Look at you go Melissa..see you have learned a great deal from your experience..YOU GO GIRL!  Your advise and knowledge has just started to be "paid forward", and you'll do this many more times to come..GOOD FOR YOU MELISSA!

Ha-ha, I was thinking about that when I wrote that!  It feels good to be on this side of things !!! :DB :WH :Laugh :CF


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