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Topic: Important Thread Info  (Read 8525 times)
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« Reply #15 on: February 23, 2016, 04:54:37 AM »

Yes, I agree with Nancy...it sounds like her impending delivery is close at hand.  I would rather not use the P.G. too long.  It can do all kinds of things to them, such as stripping out the b-vitamins from their system.  Please, Please, give her at least 4.5 cc's of Bcomplex per day and you can give the injectable bcomplex orally.  Vitamins work better when given orally.  I wonder...do you have a Walmart any where near you, or a grocery store that you could get some YoBaby yogurt or even GoGurt?  They are made for children, and have 5 viable live cultures in them.  The adult yogurt only typically has 3 viable live cultures.  They sell the childrens yogurt in some yummy flavors...such as Banana (our goats crave this Banana Yobaby Yogurt), and raspberry which is really good for her right now.  They come in 1 ounce packages/tubs, so there isn't any measuring it out.  Give her one ounce of that per day and she should devour it.  Banana is real good for her right now...however, that said, don't feed her a banana with any black spots on it, and the peeling she can have with no black spots on it.  Too many apples might cause a little diarrhea, so limit that, but it is good for her. 

As Nancy said, keeping her rumen going is a concern right now.  With her laying down, her rumen might try to shut down.  Beer works to help jump start that rumen if that happens.  I personally can't stand the smell of beer so I can't use that, but there are other things you can do.  Try offering her a little baking soda from your hand and see if she will lick it from your hand, offer her that baking soda several times a day.  If her rumen shuts down, then we need to work on her as fast as we can to get it going again.  If there are horses near you, and the rumen shuts down, we can use fresh hot manure from the horses and make a manure tea (so to speak) out of it, and drench her with that and that will indeed get that rumen going real quick. 

Chewing cud, grinding teeth and moaning are all parts of impending delivery.  I know you're tired and I know you're exhausted with worry and lack of sleep...but hang in there...when those babies come things will start getting better.  She won't be out of the risk for Ketosis though...you'll need to watch her close, and keep up the calcium pills...it's the calcium that's keeping her healthy right now. 

How old is your Doe? 

We're all holding you in our thoughts and prayers.  And most certainly I will not be deleting this thread.

~ Birdie ~
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