goig rate on the hoof?

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What are Boer goats going as ranch sales?  Auction?  On the hoof prices vs hanging weight?

In my area, Southwestern Indiana, there's an auction that is usually every Friday night and they sell goats by the head and the prices vary like you wouldn't believe. It mostly depends upon how many slaughter buyers show up, how many goats are at the auction and what they are looking for. One night they might want all the slaughter kids they can get (60 lbs) and the next week they might want more nannies or big billies or they might not want very many goats period but want the lambs. As far as the price goes sometimes you can get a 60 lb slaughter kid for $40 - $50 dollars and other times a lot higher. Sometimes you can even get a nice looking registered nannie for $70 and up. Other times a lot lower or a lot higher. I'm talking about a nannie that's usually under 4 years old but they do have some that's older that still bring these kind of prices. I myself don't think these prices are very good at all if you're selling, now if you're buying that's another story.

I can't give you any input on hanging weight prices around here. Don't know of any place in my area that does that, at least I'm not aware of it.

Can you tell me what hanging weight means? I butchered a wether last weekand he weighed about 230# live weight.  They told me he weighed 60# hanging weight. It didn't sound right to me. What do you think?

No Wanda that's not right..you average it out 65% of the carcass weight..65% of 230#'s is not 60#'s of hanging weight.  You should have 149 almost 150#'s of meat off that 230# goat.

Here our Slaughter goats are bring $1.02 per pound.  Last year this time they were $1.06 per pound.  That's live weight.   

Sally P:
I have never heard of anyone seeling goat by hanging weight!!  They sell by the body weight on the hoof.


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