Has anyone heard of Diamond Copper Sulfate?

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Young LaMancha Breeder:
Hey guys,

Today I got in some rescue goats. 4 does have hoof rot- and this is the first time in 6 years I have had ANY animal rescue included with hoof rot. So I dont remember a lot. I remember using Kopertox last time- but when I went to get some out of my med cabinet I discovered I was out of it. So I went to both TSC and Co-op in search of some the closest thing they said they had was the Diamond Copper Sulfate. Which I have heard success stories- but I personally dont know how to use it. And the label doesnt tell how much to mix with the water  :( Birdie and Sally both reminded me to make sure I put their hooves in bleach water- THANKS GUYs  ;) And so I done that just a little earlier. But I went ahead and purchased this for the time being until my Kopertox comes in from Jeffers. So I guess what I am asking is DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO USE THIS STUFF? I want to help these girls a.s.a.p. and 1 has severe hoof rot and 3 have medium.

Thanks in Advance :)

Sally P:
I googled it and came up with "it's a fungacide for use in ponds, etc to fight algae, etc.  Doesn't sound like that what you are talking about!!! 

Young LaMancha Breeder:
Thats not good  :( I know a guy that use to raise Alpines here as well as Suffolk sheep that I seen him use it on his animals when he was still alive and I was there to trim his animals hooves for him. But I didnt know it was a fungicide. Why in the world would the Co-op suggest a fungicide for hoof rot?  ???  Great.... that just cost me $34.80 for nothing LOL o well maybe I should look it up as well and use it on my garden next year  ;D
Hopefully with me doing the bleach water and peroxide that will keep them ok until my kopertox arrives  :(

Thanks Sally :)


Onion Creek Ranch has this to say about it:

A solution of zinc sulfate is recommended, since other products (copper sulfate and formalin, for example) may either sting, give off irritating fumes, or be toxic if ingested by the goats.

I guess it would work, but the side effects don't seem very nice.

The whole article:


Can you bring it back and get your money returned? They sold you a product that can harm your animals. >:(


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