Goat with nasty nose, chin and mouth

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The first thing I'd use on her, is VetRx..I had one get a few bumps like that on her nose and sure enough VetRx cleared it right up.

It's some sort of fungus Lori, it's not a sun thing, according to our Caprine specialist anyway.  It took may a weeks worth of treating with VetRx and it went away.  It does leave scars though.  She'll have little white dots where each one was at, if this is the same stuff like what one of my girls had. 

Tea Tree oil would be my next guess to try.  Sore mouth would have spread all over her if this was sore mouth..it wouldn't stay just on her nose and mouth..it would be on her teats and most likely her private area too.

If she's having allergic reactions, there is medications for allergies that works pretty good, but it does make them a little lethargic.

But it doesn't really look like bumps, more like scabs over scabs.

I was going to suggest sunscreen but HJ beat me to it.

Poor girl.  :'(

Sally P:
I would use the tea tree oil.  It works on me and it works wonders on my goats.  It's good for all sorts of things.  It won't hurt her being near her mouth or nose.  Put it on three or four times a day.  Than if it is getting really dried out, try some aloe lotion or creme on it.  That should help soften up the dry spots.
I don't think that looks like sore mouth at all.  

GMG..you have the goat that had this same thing on your farm right now..go look at Marie, look at her nose..see those white dots on her nose?  These pictures that Lori shares with us, is exactly (only not this extreme) what Marie's nose looked like.  We used VetRx on it twice a day for a week and it went away, but it did leave those scars of white spots on her nose.

Yes, they were scabs on top of scabs, and we kept taking the scabs off and dabbing VetRx on them and they went away.  Marie's was only on her nose and inside her nose, never around her mouth.  Nor did she give it to anyone else that was with her, so it couldn't have been contagious.  Our Vet assured me it wasn't sore mouth.  If it had of been the entire group she was with would have had it. 

  OK, tonight, I went and put Vitamin E oil on it.  It said it would moisturize. But I will do the Vet Rx.  Now Birdie, are you saying to pick the scabs? 

  I am afraid if I picked it she would HATE me forever.  They are bleeding where the cracks are already.  Will the Vet Rx hurt or sting her?
 Poor baby.  I feel so bad for her.  I also gave her tons of Aloe Vera Juice tonight. I am always kissing her and I believe she is tired of me looking at her poor nose and face. 


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