U.S. Selenium Level Map..

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what area are you in?  IF you're in the high area's -- then no, you don't want to feed it.  Medium areas is ok, I was back in AR considered the Medium to low area and I fed it and had no troubles.

I fed BOSS, because it not only gave natural selenium but the oils were really good for the goats skin and hair coats.  The shells were good for fiber.  The fats and proteins were high.  And BOSS is considered a part of natural worming.

But I'm talking about Black Oiled Sunflower Seeds..that's high in natural selenium..I didn't have to give Vit E gel w/selenium or the BoSe shot.

I'm in St Johns, MI. It's the yellow to almost orange color in the center of MI on the map. I think that's the moderate levels that means I don't HAVE to supplement. But I thought the BOSS had to do with the oils, too. Didn't think about the hull fiber, and forgot it increased the protein levels to a good level for most pre-mix 12-14% grains. Thanks.

 Adding this link as it can show Selenium by county..

the break down by county is GREAT!

Thanks for the link Sunshine   :well_done1

Looks like we are sitting pretty good here in Lincoln County!  Thanks for posting the map Tonia!


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